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Studies show that executives who have coaches are 40 percent more productive. Ask us for details.
Can you achieve a 529% ROI from Executive Coaching?

"Many, many thanks for your help and guidance. My business has boomed since I hired you! You're one in a million -- and I'm so glad I found you!"

Sarah L. Sladek, President, Limelight Communications

*For Foodservice Executives and Entrepreneurs
Who Want Measurable and Lasting Results

Since 1999, we've been helping our foodservice clients create a "Win-Win Culture" that inspires exceptional customer service and profitability!

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"I've been working with Kathy Gillen for a number of years and I absolutely adore working with her! Recently, Kathy helped me save a $50,000 account by helping me think strategically. As a result of that I was able to earn the status of "Trusted Advisor" and my business relationship continues to grow with what I thought was one of my difficult clients which is now one of my favorite clients. So, thank you so much, Kathy, for all your help!" Kris Evenson, President, Capture Hits Web Marketing

How do you thrive in a competitive market?

How do you provide exceptional customer service - achieving customer loyalty and a great profit margin, at the same time?

How will you stay connected with your customers, and improve your relationship with them, despite the ebb and flow of the marketplace?

Are you harnessing your employees' talent to generate greater revenues? How can you do more, with less cost and greater efficiency?  How do you increase employee morale and productivity?   


We provide world-class executive coaching, public speaking, and distance learning to help you and your team create a win-win culture that will increase your profitability.

We coach and train teams on productivity and interpersonal communication, inspire executives, and provide accountability, which delivers the results our clients want. (See a partial list of our clients here.)

We help you clarify your personal vision and values, making it easy to apply them to your workplace as a foodservice professional.

Our unique, ongoing follow-up programs maintain and grow your connections with your foodservice colleagues, employees, and customers.

Studies show that executives who have coaches are 40 percent more productive. How much better would your company's productivity be if all your employees had access to that service?

Our programs fits beautifully into a leadership/management training format -- they allow high-level, interactive conversations, virtually no disruption of the workplace, and receive rave reviews.

Professional Development Products

Our written and recorded programs allow you - and your team - to move forward quickly. Developed exclusively for our clients in the Foodservice industry and allied professions, they contain very specific information, fresh perspectives, and practical advice that is guaranteed to take your business and professional development to the next level. More information here.


TeleForums™ and Comprehensive Distance Learning Programs for internal and external corporate foodservice training.

"This was my first WFF TeleForum event ... I found it very strong, interesting, and the questions and moderating with the panelists was effective. The points made and the emphasis on the client/consumer was very good. In addition, that I could get a sense of exposure and thinking "external" to my everyday business was stimulating."
-- Lisbeth R. McNabb, Senior Vice President, Sodexho

Individual and Group Coaching to help you stand head and shoulders above your foodservice competitors.

"Working with you catapulted me to $36,000 in new contracts just last Thursday and Friday. Thank you!"

Assessments and Benchmarks to help you hire foodservice "superstars" quickly and efficiently.

Assessment takes the guesswork out of hiring and provides management with a powerful new business tool to move ahead in the race for top talent!

Focus On Accountability

We structure our programs to encourage total accountability and follow-through for all participants.

Foodservice companies spend thousands of dollars to send employees for training... they spend hours or days away from the desk, then return to their fast-paced work and don't follow through.

With Foodservice Coaching TeleForums™ your employees maintain their daily schedule and can stay at their desk while learning and practicing their new skills, producing measurable results.

If you want to augment your leadership training program with an ongoing, interactive, accountability component, we'd be delighted to talk to you!

Speakers, Seminars, and Training

If you need a speaker, specialized seminars, or industry or company-specific training, feel free to contact us here.  We'll be happy to share our thousands of hours of combined experience (and a good deal of enthusiasm and good will!) with your company, industry group, or professional association. 

Our Unique Setting

Our foodservice coaching TeleForums™ and seminars are as easy to join as picking up your telephone. This means you can reach us, no matter where you are.

These calls are led by professionals who understand motivation and are experienced in behavior change strategies.

Your coaches work with you to -
  • Decide which changes are right for your foodservice organization
  • Develop a personal plan of action for each executive/participant
  • Make your changes...and maintain them

    Contact us for further information about

    • TeleForums
    • Leadership Training Programs
    • Stragegic Alliance Plans

    We look forward to speaking with you!

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