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Our Privacy Policy And Terms Of Use

Trust is an important aspect of our business and coaching relationships, and we take it seriously. We have a firm commitment to your personal privacy rights. Our privacy policy is as follows.

Our Privacy Philosophy

We do not share your personal information with anyone - businesses, organizations, newsletters, etc. - without your permission. We intend that you will always be aware of what information we collect, how we use it, and under what circumstances we disclose it (if any). Our visitors always have a choice as to whether or not to allow us to continue to use their information.

Visiting Our Website

When you visit our website (or any other site on the web), some information is automatically collected about your visit on our webhost's servers. This generally includes the date and time you visited, your "home" domain (the one you used to access the Internet, such as or, or your local ISP), the browser you connected with (e.g., Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, AOL, etc.), the website or domain you were on when you came here ("referrer"), and the pages of our website you visited.

This information doesn't identify you personally. Most websites you visit collect this information automatically. We may use it to help us measure our visitor traffic to the various parts of the website, so we can make our site and our services more useful for you.

Again, please understand that we do not obtain personal information about you when you visit our website, unless you choose to provide it to us by filling in an information form.

Coaching and TeleForums

When you participate in coaching with us, please know that we do not share information about our clients with anyone. We don't subscribe or send information to any clearinghouses or databases, and we don't divulge information to employers or other "third parties". To the extent permitted by law, our work stays between us.

We can't, however, control information that you provide in group settings such as seminars, teleclasses, and TeleForums - that's your own choice. We suggest that you indentify yourself by name and city.

We do request that each participant honor the confidentiality of every other member of the group, and their company information. In group settings many people identify themselves by first name only, which is just fine.

Our E-Newsletters

When you subscribe to our E-mail newsletter, we need to have your E-mail address, at the very least. This, and any other personal information you provide us, will be kept strictly confidential.

If you choose to provide any other personal information, it does help us to understand what your needs are, and if you do share this with us, we appreciate it and will protect it.

Our website's registration forms request users to give us contact and profile information (such as your E-mail address, and optionally your name and other information). Your E-mail address is required in order to receive our newsletter, and other identifying information is needed for you to register for classes or other services. The other optional information is used to (1) send confirmation of profile changes and to (2) contact users for feedback, surveys, class offerings, or other new or enhanced services.

E-Mail Communications

Please remember that *no* e-mail is secure against interception - it's the nature of the beast. (You probably know this, especially if you use the E-mail system where you work!).

So, if your communications with us include sensitive or personal information, you might want to speak to us by telephone, send a regular letter or fax, or use digital encryption. (Our fax numbers are secure and are not connected to the web or E-mail.)

Please don't send us your credit card number or checking account information by E-mail. Our payment services use secure servers for this, which encrypt the information.

Purchasing Services Or Products

Your personal information is private, period. We never share any of your personal financial information with anyone. This includes any information you give us to purchase services or products, including your credit card or checking account information. It also includes the fact that you purchased from us or are our client or customer.

  • When you order from us, we do need to know basic information such as your name, E-mail address, mailing address, credit card number, and expiration date. This allows us to process and fulfill your order and to notify you of your order status.

  • Our credit card and check processing partners use secure server technology when you use credit cards or checks on the web. They've promised not to share your information, either. (And we won't ask you to send your credit card or checking information by E-mail, which isn't secure.)

  • We may also use the information we collect to occasionally notify you about important changes to the website's functionality, new Foodservice Coaching™ services, and special offers we think you'll find valuable.

Recording of TeleForums and Seminars

We frequently record our TeleForums, seminars, and other professional activities, for training, evaluation, promotional, and commercial purposes. We often make TeleForum recordings available to others to whom that TeleForum was advertised but who might not have been able to attend, so that they can also share in the the information.

When you sign up for a TeleForum, you are advised that we will likely be recording, and your registration gives us permission to do so. If you would like to maintain a reasonable level of personal privacy, we suggest that if you choose to speak up during TeleForums and other teleseminars, you identify yourself by first name and city.

All TeleForums, seminars, and presentations, and their recordings, are the sole intellectual property of Foodservice Coaching Group.


When you visit, or when you purchase services/products, we may gather information via "cookies", which are small pieces of digital information stored on your computer by our web server. Our cookies do not contain your personal information, but they do help us to personalize your user experience by remembering where you are in the website and/or identifying you as a repeat visitor. Cookies may also be used by our payment services during the payment process, on their secure server system. You may need to have cookies enabled on your computer in order to use specialized member sections of our website.

Third-Party Links

Users should be aware that our privacy policy can only govern our own website and E-mails. It cannot (and does not) govern websites you might access via links from our website or by E-mail. When you're referred to another website via a link of any type, you should be aware that you have left the Foodservice Coaching website altogether. These other websites may, or may not, collect data or solicit personal information according to their own policies, which may not be consistent with our own privacy policy. We strongly urge you to be aware of the privacy policy governing any website you visit.

Permission For Release Of Data

We do not release, sell, rent, or give our subscribers' name, E-mail address, or any other personal information to any other party or organization without the subscriber's explicit permission, unless we are required to do so by law or we believe, in good faith, that such action is necessary to (1) comply with the law or with a legal process; (2) protect the personal safety or property of our members or the public; (3) protect against misuse or unauthorized use of Foodservice Coaching Group™; or (4) protect and defend our rights and property.

For example, we may need to participate in fraud investigations, where someone has provided false registration information or has attempted to pose as someone else. We cooperate fully with legitimate investigations of fraud, and information about that person, including their computer's IP address, may be disclosed to appropriate authorities as part of an investigation into those actions.

Reviewed and/or updated 9-18-07

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