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A Professional Development Program
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Welcome to the Brilliance Factor!

What could happen - if you re-discovered your passion and your strengths? Would you love your work again, be focused and energized, increase your productivity, and pass your enthusiasm on to your team - co-workers - and even your family?

Imagine that you know exactly what makes you wonderful, and you spend a majority of your time doing only what you love?

Imagine how will feel when you understood the benefits you bring to your company and your family, every day?

Knowing your Brilliance Factor helps you make decisions, interview for promotions, and explain to the boss why you are important to your company - and why you should never be laid off!

You'll uncover a natural self-confidence that will allow you to take risks and step into roles you would never consider before!

You'll see others in a different light -- and be more fearless and generous.

What's in the Brilliance Factor program?

  • The Brilliance Factor TeleForums. We've recorded our entire live Brilliance Factor program, with participants who are working through the material. You'll hear how others are discovering their Brilliance and overcoming their fears, and you'll realize you are every bit as terrific as you hoped!
  • The Brilliance Factor book. In your choice of printed or in e-book form, The Brilliance Factor teaches you the concepts and the process that will transform your confidence, the clarity of your decision-making, the productive use of your time - and your satisfaction with your life, job, and relationships.
  • The Brilliance Factor workbook. A set of comprehensive exercises that help you clarify what it is about you that make you wonderful, and define your personal Brilliance Factor.

Why is your Brilliance Factor important?

  • Increased confidence
  • Reduced stress
  • Productive use of your time
  • Clarity of decision process
  • Improved choices
  • Self-appreciation
Come Join Us ... You'll Love Our Program!

The six TeleForums. "Sit in" on our live program, and get the real feel of how the Brilliance Factor impacts people's lives.

It's economical. And you work at your own pace, at your own convenience.

You're worth it! You'll finally discover what makes you special and how to start appreciating yourself, instead of staying out of sight.

Your investment is guaranteed. Listen to all the TeleForums, work through the program, and complete all eight Brilliance exercises. Get involved, and look at yourself. If you find it isn't useful, you can have your money back, and keep the book and workbook.

Our goal is that you know your own Brilliance at the end of the program. You'll be amazed at the feeling of peace and how "obvious" your brilliance is to others.

Choose Your Purchase Option Now!

All Brilliance Factor program options give you the Brilliance Factor book and workbook, plus 6 TeleForums to guide you through each step:

Self-Study Programs (2 options) -

  • Get the downloadable Brilliance Factor e-book, workbook, and mp3 files of the six Brilliance Factor TeleForum recordings for $199 (available immediately, upon receipt of payment). Use the order form below.

OR . . .

  • Get the printed book and workbook, and CDs of six Brilliance Factor TeleForum recordings for $265, plus shipping and handling. Use the order form below

Choose your purchase option (downloadable or printed) and use the form below to get your Brilliance Factor program - now!

Live Coaching/TeleForum Programs (2 options) -

  • For yourself, get a live, personalized Brilliance Factor 1:1 coaching program via telephone that is customized for your personal needs and adjusts continually to the changes in your life.  Six telecoaching sessions, plus the Brilliance Factor book and workbook for $1250Contact us to arrange your program.

OR . . .

  • For your team, bring the Brilliance Factor in a live, customized group TeleForum program involving up to 25 participants.  Six live TeleForums with The Coaches, plus the Brilliance Factor book and workbook (downloadable version).  Price depends upon the size of the group. Contact us to arrange your team's program.

Our TeleForum hosts, Kathy Gillen and C. David Blair, are executive coaches committed to producing breakthrough results for executives and business owners.

Foodservice Coaching Group™ is a leader in distance learning. Our TeleForums are 60-minute interactive teleconference conversations that bring you a lively and informative exchange of ideas from the convenience of your office or home -- with no travel time or expense.

To learn more about how TeleForums can benefit your company, and for more information about Foodservice Coaching Group's Distance Learning and Alliance Programs, please e-mail David and Kathy.

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Self-study version (downloadable or printed):

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The Brilliance Factor book, Workbook, and TeleForums contain proprietary information and intellectual property which is for your exclusive personal use. You agree not to record or re-transmit the contents in any form or medium. Copyright 2006.

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