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Participants report an extra $5-15,000 more salary because of the Premium Interview Masterclass!

It's time to find a new job. You were downsized...or your current job isn't your dream job. You just went out to the jobsites and the information is mind-boggling.

Where do you start? How can you compete with everyone else who is looking for a job?

I'm Kathy Gillen, and I've helped hundreds of candidates compete against intense competition to find the job of their dreams. My clients have won jobs at companies such as 3M, Target Corporation, US Bank, Northwest Airlines, and many smaller companies. These successes weren't just luck, but the result of a PROVEN SYSTEM I've fine-tuned to effectively communicate why you are the best person to hire.

Even if you've been through outplacement or career counseling, chances are high that you still struggle in your interviews because you've been taught the conventional wisdom that doesn't produce results.

That's why you need...

The Incredible Interview Masterclass

  • Why should anyone hire you when there are so many others on the market? Discover what makes you special! You'll learn how to value yourself and share this knowledge without bragging!

  • Powerful techniques to think strategically and organize your thinking. Gain clarity and "laser-focus" your skills, qualifications, behaviors, and attributes to the job.

  • How to control your "butterflies" (nerves) to sound confident without bragging.

  • The 5 keys to uncovering your "hidden assets" which set the stage for future opportunity.

  • Knock their socks off in the first 5 minutes...and position yourself as the best candidate with a great first impression, even with the standard (boring) interview questions ("So, tell me about yourself.")

  • The Top 5 Tips to Compelling'll get proven techniques to turn a dull Q&A into a compelling interview that separates you from the rest of the candidates.

  • How YOU can keep the interview on track and allow them to "see" you in the position, as you help them solve their biggest challenges.

  • How to ask your own powerful questions that gives you critical information about the position that no other candidate has, and allows you to effectively sell yourself. You are immediately positioned above the crowd of other candidates!

  • How to close so strongly that you set the standards and they remember you!

Bonus #1: Powerful Assessments to immediately gain insights to your strengths, behaviors, and motivators. Retail value: $199
Bonus #2: The Brilliance Factor program
Why are you terrific? Use The Brilliance Factor program and these exercises to find out! Retail value: $250

IMPORTANT: Please Read This!
You'll learn a lot and you won't regret signing up...that's a promise!

Self-Valuation YES YES
Strategic positioning YES YES
Control butterflies YES YES
Your Hidden Assets YES YES
How to "close the deal" YES YES
Big Bonus #1 The Brilliance Factor!
(value $249)
Big Bonus #2
Behavior and Values Assessment
(value $250)
5 Audio Sessions on CD YES YES
Negotiate a great package   YES
Emotional Intelligence assessment
(Your secret weapon!)
Your Door-Opening resume
(Resume review and fine-tuning to open the door!)
Build a Powerful Network to uncover the "Hidden Jobs"   YES
One-on-one Coaching
2 sessions with The Coach
Group Mentoring
Five 30-minute accountability calls
Effective On-Boarding
(start your new job on the right foot)
Special Price: $1299 $1499
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There are only 100 lines available on the call, and several are already spoken for.
Act now!
Don't miss this opportunity to put an extra $5,000 to $10,000 in your pocket with the Incredible Interview Masterclass!


I'm Janet Pool, and I work with executive teams to clarify their strategy and bring about change. I help these leaders remove the complexities that steal their success.

As I transition back to a corporate roll, before I started working with Kathy, I felt overwhelmed, and unsure of my career direction.

We've had open and honest discussions; she challenges me, I challenge back, and we work though my questions and issues until I have what I need (as I look for a new job.)

Kathy has provided me with the tools I needed to gain a clearer sense of direction. We started as a funnel, narrowing the focus as I clarified the direction and position that is right for me.

I feel more confident of the path that is right for me, and I highly recommend Kathy Gillen.
-- Janet Pool

You're terrific at inspiring others! I realized that my natural style is to ask about others, to listen for the feelings behind the words, etc.--and now I don't feel so "inadequate" about networking. I'm already good at some of the things discussed! Can't wait to practice!
-- Joan L.

Having a group support you through the tough times was extremely helpful. I got several ideas for improving my effectiveness that I still use today. Anyone who feels like they're spinning their wheels needs to try these groups!
-- George P.

While I was thinking about what you articulated, I couldn't quite find the did as you have done for the last couple of weeks. I have learned a lot from you and wanted to acknowledge and thank you for helping me witness "my style" in action.
-- Jill M., business team

Since 1999, Foodservice Coaching Group (FSCG) has been helping our foodservice clients create a "Win-Win Culture" that inspires exceptional customer service and profitability! Coach Kathy Gillen's award-winning style motivates, informs, and inspires audiences as she helps your leadership team apply Win-Win Leadership Principles to think strategically and reach peak performance

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