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Visit with us and explore the resources below, which will change on a regular basis.  We'll have articles, free TeleForums, Podcasts, and white papers.  Call us when you have an organizational challenge!

Marcus Buckingham -"The One Thing You Need To Know"

Apply your strengths to real-life corporate situations.  A fascinating discussion with author Marcus Buckingham and Toni Quist of Perkins Restaurants.  Recorded live on MP3, here. 

How One Person Can Create Exceptional Customer Service - And A Profitable Company©

Any foodservice leader - at any level - can make a significant difference.  John Walsh is one such person, and he does it brilliantly.  Read more here.

Managing Interruptions

Foodservice executives are busier than ever, and many are reporting that they often work twelve-hour days.  The good news is - time and interruptions can be mastered.  Take a few minutes to read this case study and think about how you can feel better about your day...and have more time to work on your personal Brilliance Factor!





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