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Studies show that executives who have coaches are 40 percent more productive. Ask us for details.
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Speaking and Distance Learning

We work with foodservice companies of all sizes - from entrepreneurs to corporations - to help your leadership team think strategically and reach peak performance. 

We bring these program to you in two ways - in person at your event, conference, meeting, or in-house training - and virtually, through TeleForums and Webinars. 

All topics are customized to the needs of your organization.

We recommend programs from the "Let the Games Begin" Series:

Take Your Business To The Winners' Circle

  • How can you increase your productivity and reduce your stress... at the same time?
  • How do you get your team to help you solve complex situations?  
  • How do you deal with increased competition?
  • How do you use strategic thinking to decrease expenses, without cutting crucial services and alienating your employees? 
  • How can you challenge assumptions and become a "Get it Done!" leader?

Only Peak Performers Make The Playoffs

An inspired team can create amazing results, while an unmotivated employee can hurt your overall team performance. Have you ever wondered what you can do to consistently get the very best performance from your employees? Do you know how to inspire peak performance? Do you know the secret to providing the kind of feedback that will be well received by employees and integrated into their work habits?

You will hear strategic and specific techniques for providing employees with constructive feedback and coaching that will help them to improve performance and consistently perform - at a high level.

Games People Play--the Art of Communication

You influence others, whether you mean to or not. When you talk to a co-worker, train an employee, or try to connect with a customer, communication is a part of life. This high energy, motivational program takes the worry out of influence with tips and ideas of how to effortlessly connect with other people.

The Triple Crown of Customer Service

  • What if your customers are so pleased with your service that they tell all their friends?
  • What if your service is so exceptional that it becomes your brand?
  • What if your team is loyal and turnover is almost non-existent?

These are only some of the benefits of a company who utilizes a Win-Win Customer Service Culture. This program is unique on many levels. It doesn't rehash outdated concepts or motivational "rah-rah". You'll get fresh ideas and impactful communication concepts that help you build your business and create a "buzz." It has built-in accountability that creates consistent results, year after year.

Accountability, Leadership, and Loyalty

With budget pressures, great leaders realize that their workforce must be more productive, accountable and loyal than ever before. Company officers own the keys to leading a motivated team ...often without realizing it!

This inspiring presentation, using a case-study approach, explores the opportunities, options, and tools necessary to lead and motivate their workforce to achieve their potential. Attendees will learn the four mistakes leaders make, then discover the five-step process that insures accountability...and what it takes to inspire loyalty.

Dynamic Communication--How Behavior Rules

Have you ever spoken to someone and wondered why you didn't "connect"? Have you ever tried to sell an idea and just couldn't get the other person to understand?

Dynamic Communication helps you get past the roadblocks that prevent you from making the sale, convincing a boss or inspiring an employee. It teaches you:

  • Behavior styles, based on hundreds of years of research
  • How to quickly and accurately discover the core style of anyone you meet.
  • The "magic words" that help you get your point across
  • How to surround yourself with people who complement your strengths
  • How to inspire instead of alienate prospects, customers and employees
  • Discover the value each individual style brings to your team and how to bring out their best

Win-Win Negotiation -- Bring the Power of Creativity to Work

What is one major objection your clients have and you hate to hear?

  • "Your price is too high."
  • "We can't afford your price!"
  • "What discounts can you give us?"
  • "We can get it cheaper from your competitor."

 Negotiation often seems to be difficult and win/lose. And the good news is that it doesn't have to be this way. Win/win communication makes your life easier, less stressful, and lots more fun, because you've created a positive work environment where people enjoy communicating with you. Everyone feels good, because their needs are met.

Spend the time laying the foundation for a win/win negotiation, and you'll discover the benefits of powerful, positive communication.

Contact us for a complete list of coaching and speaking topics.

Comments from participants:

"I thought (Kathy and David's presentation) had great information. They had great energy and a clear point of view.  I thought the tools were straight forward and using the case study was helpful in applying the strategy in a real situation." 

"The course was GREAT.  Easy to use tools.  In fact, I am meeting with my client today at 9:00am to review our financials and I plan to use some of the techniques discussed on the call."

Foodservice Coaching Group™ is a leader in distance learning. Our classes, seminars, and conferences are delivered in 60-minute interactive telephone conference calls that we call TeleForums™.

Because our TeleForums are easily accessed by telephone, foodservice participants experience a lively and informative exchange of ideas from the convenience of their office or home -- with no travel time or expense.

Join us for our free monthly TeleForum, here!

Flexible, Scalable -- Made To Fit

Our programs are flexible, scalable, and can be designed with attention to:
  • Topics covered
  • Frequency of meetings
  • Size and composition of the groups
Additional services can be programmed into in-person presentations and TeleForums, including:
  • Pre-conference preparation for participants (e.g., outlines, workbooks)
  • Post-conference follow-up (e.g., summaries, outlines, Q&A)
  • Expert presenters, including leading foodservice industry researchers and authors
  • Selection, preparation and pre-conference coaching of foodservice guest experts and presenters
  • Virtual focus groups for cost-effective market research and program design
  • Powerful executive and personal coaching
  • Web-based training



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