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TeleForum™ Distance Learning for
Foodservice Executives, Managers, and Customers

Foodservice Coaching Group™ is a leader in distance learning. Our classes, seminars, and conferences are delivered in 60-minute interactive telephone conference calls that we call TeleForums™.

TeleForums utilize workshop and interview formats to bring together groups of foodservice professionals who have common interests and goals, are geographically dispersed, and have limited time for travel.

Because our TeleForums are easily accessed by telephone, foodservice participants experience a lively and informative exchange of ideas from the convenience of their office or home -- with no travel time or expense.

TeleForum participants receive valuable new information, ideas, resources, tips, tools, and techniques, delivered by expert professionals and presenters, that can be used immediately.

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TeleForum™ Models

Custom-Designed Informational TeleForums
  • Solid content, ideas, and timely information from experts in the foodservice field, delivered by telephone to groups of 50-500 or more participants in a 60-minute format.
  • Adds a new dimension for serving your foodservice customers and clients.

"This was my first WFF teleforum event...I found it very strong, interesting, and the questions and moderating with the panelists was effective. The points made and the emphasis on the client/consumer was very good. In addition, that I could get a sense of exposure and thinking "external" to my everyday business was stimulating."
-- Lisbeth R. McNabb, Senior Vice President, Sodexho

Interactive Group TeleForums (Skill Building, Coaching, Support)
  • A dynamic and interactive exchange of ideas and information, with powerful coaching presented in groups of 15-50 foodservice participants to serve the needs of specific foodservice companies and industry organizations.
  • Build skills and abilities, enhance team spirit and group support, share ideas and experiences.
"I attended Kathy and David's seminar, and feel like I received a "leg up" on our competitors. Kathy and David can connect to their audience almost instantly! I can use this information with my employees, clients, and in my personal life. I strongly recommend this and any other seminars! -- Kris F., Vice President
Virtual Classes / Training / CE Programs
  • Distance learning at its best - professional, comprehensive, and focused foodservice training programs delivered directly to participants from around the country and the world.
  • Broaden your reach to include audiences from anywhere within teleconferencing distance, with additional support via web and E-mail based media.
  • Provide CE credits to foodservice professional and/or organizational participants.
Executive Success Group Coaching Teleclasses
  • Powerful executive coaching with 15-25 foodservice participants in a comprehensive, interactive group workshop, focusing on increasing professional skills and enhancing corporate success.
"A cram-packed hour of connecting! Lots of fabulous ideas shared to put into action. Best of all, the support and encouragement by/for each other is worth the call."
-- "Sing Your Own Praises!©" TeleForum feedback

Flexible, Scalable -- Made To Fit

TeleForum programs are flexible, scalable, and can be designed with attention to:
  • Topics covered
  • Frequency of meetings
  • Size and composition of the groups
Additional services can be programmed into TeleForums, including:
  • Pre-conference preparation for participants (e.g., outlines, workbooks)
  • Post-conference follow-up (e.g., summaries, outlines, Q&A)
  • Expert presenters, including leading foodservice industry researchers and authors
  • Selection, preparation and pre-conference coaching of foodservice guest experts and presenters
  • Virtual focus groups for cost-effective market research and program design
  • Powerful executive and personal coaching
  • Web-based training

Contact Us

To discuss how the TeleForum distance learning model can be applied to your foodservice organization's specific needs, write to us now!

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